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(819) Mallozi, Lina; Tijs, Stef: Partial Cooperation and Non-Signatories Multiple Decision, AUCO Czech Economic Review 2 (1)

(816) Palokangas, Tapio: Self-Interested Governments, Unionization, and Legal and Illegal Migration, AUCO Czech Economic Review 2 (1)

(787) Denisova, Elena; Garnayev, Andrey: Fish Wars: Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Approaches, AUCO Czech Economic Review 2 (1)

(690) Gregor, Martin; Tuchyna, Peter: Centralization Tradeoff with Non-Uniform Taxation, AUCO Czech Economic Review 1 (3)

(664) Turnovec, Frantisek: New Measure of Voting Power, AUCO Czech Economic Review 1 (1)

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(130) Stastna, Lenka: Spatial Interdependence of Local Public Expenditures: Selected Evidence from the Czech Republic, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 3 (1)

(117) Behar, Alberto: Tax Wedges, Unemployment Benefits and Labour Market Outcomes in the New EU Members, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 3 (1)

(109) Gregor, Martin; Rohac, Dalibor: The Optimal State Aid Control: No Control, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 3 (1)

(103) Galeotti, Elisa: Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Geographic Proximity with Foreign Investors? Evidence from the Privatization of the Czech Glass Industry, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 3 (1)

(96) Hruby, Martin: Algorithmic Approaches to Game-theoretical Modeling and Simulation, AUCO Czech Economic Review, 2 (3)

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Kybernetika (JCR IF 0.552): another partner journal


Kybernetika is a bi-monthly English-language journal dedicated to rapid publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles in the fields of statistical decision-making, applied probability theory, random processes, fuzziness and uncertainty theories, control sciences, information sciences, system sciences, operations research and theoretical computer science, as well as in topics closely related to the above fields.

Fulltexts of all papers published since 1992 are available electronically at the journal web page. The recent 45 (2) issue features, among others, the following papers:

Aims & scope in brief


The AUCO Czech Economic Review (AUCO) aims to publish theoretical, empirical, and applied research papers in economics. The journal's main emphasis is on mathematical and quantitative methods applied in a variety of fields, predominantly microeconomics, public economics and industrial organization. The geographical reference in the journal's name merely signifies that it is an initiative of Czech scholars, and the acronym AUCO refers to the tradition of a local outlet the Acta Universitatis Carolinae Oeconomica.

In addition to publishing full-length articles, AUCO features short notes, commentaries, and surveys.  We will ensure a rigorous, fair and prompt refereeing process.

AUCO is published in 1 volume of 3 printed issues a year; articles are currently available as open access and the journal encourages young researchers to submit their work.

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Our journal is currently linked in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), among other 82 Economics journals. This database links overall 4025 scholarly journals from all fields, and allows to access content of 1425 journals. In the near future, we intend AUCO to be fully searchable at article level at DOAJ.

The AUCO Czech Economic Review, Vol. 3, No. 1


A new issue of the AUCO Czech Economic Review is available online. See table of contents:


Roman Horváth
AUCO Czech Economic Review
3 (1), 5-6


Spatial Interdependence of Local Public Expenditures: Selected Evidence from the Czech Republic
Stastna, Lenka
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 7-25

Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Geographic Proximity with Foreign Investors? Evidence from the Privatization of the Czech Glass Industry
Galeotti, Elisa
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 26-47

The Financial Impact of Government Policies on Families with Children in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
Svarcova, Natalie; Svarc, Petr
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 48-68

Tax Wedges, Unemployment Benefits and Labour Market Outcomes in the New EU Members
Behar, Alberto
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 69-92

The Optimal State Aid Control: No Control
Gregor, Martin; Rohac, Dalibor
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 93-113

Book reviews

Book review: Schofield, N., 2009. The Political Economy of Democracy and Tyranny. Oldenbourg, Munich.
Maaser, Nicola F.
AUCO Czech Economic Review 3 (1), 114-116

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JEL Codes


For the prospective authors, it may be of interest to see the most frequent JEL codes in the journal: 


C Mathematical and Quantitative Methods: 20
D Microeconomics: 12
H Public Economics: 10
E Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics: 9
G Financial Economics: 7


C7 Game Theory and Bargaining Theory: 11
D7 Analysis of Collective Decision-Making: 6
C6 Mathematical Methods and Programming: 4
E6 Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook: 4
G3 Corporate Finance and Governance: 3
H3 Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents: 3

Call for papers: Econophysics of Markets and Economic Networks


The AUCO Czech Economic Review invites submissions for a special issue on Econophysics of Markets and Economic Networks. Papers in all areas of econophysics will be welcomed, with a special call for papers that address financial market modeling and complexity approach to economic networks, grinding economic paradigms as the rationality of economic agents, the invisible hand of market, and capital market efficiency. The issue is tentatively scheduled for publication in the spring of 2010.

Indicative topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Statistical and probabilistic methods in economics and finance
  • Scale-invariance and universality in financial time series
  • Multi-scaling analysis and modeling
  • Agent-based models in economics and finance
  • Behavioral finance, bounded rationality, and learning
  • Volatility, risk, and uncertainty in the markets
  • Markets as complex adaptive systems
  • Non-linear dynamics and econometrics
  • Complex socio-economic networks

Proposals for manuscripts (about 150-200 words) ought to be submitted electronically by April 30, 2009, to the special issue editor Miloslav Vosvrda, Charles University in Prague, at vosvrda@mbox.fsv.cuni.cz and Petr Svarc, Charles University in Prague, at svarc@fsv.cuni.cz.

Invited manuscripts will be due till July 31, 2009, and shall go through the usual, albeit somewhat expedited, refereeing process. For more information about the journal, see the journal website: http://auco.cuni.cz.

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Acceptance rate: 55% (15/27)

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