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Total abstract views:236970
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Volume 6, Issue 3


Table of contents

Issue Authors: Hosli, Madeleine O.
Pages: 177-198
Total downloads: 907
Total abstract views: 1277

Issue Authors: Briata, Federica; Dall’Aglio, Marco; Fragnelli, Vito
Pages: 199-208
Total downloads: 724
Total abstract views: 1087

Issue Authors: Romaniuc, Rustam
Pages: 209-224
Total downloads: 769
Total abstract views: 1396

Issue Authors: Berlemann, Michael
Pages: 225-243
Total downloads: 938
Total abstract views: 1396

Issue Authors: Saxa, Branislav; Filáček, Jan
Pages: 244-264
Total downloads: 787
Total abstract views: 1148

Issue Authors: Ramík, Jaroslav; Mielcová, Elena
Pages: 265-266
Total downloads: 616
Total abstract views: 1004

Issue Authors: Fragnelli, Vito
Pages: 266-267
Total downloads: 679
Total abstract views: 929

Issue Authors:
Pages: 267-268
Total downloads: 464
Total abstract views: 878