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Total downloads:141173
Total abstract views:234592
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Volume 2, Issue 3


Table of contents

Issue Authors: Schneider, Ondřej; Turnovec, František; Gregor, Martin; Horváth, Roman
Pages: 195-196
Total downloads: 663
Total abstract views: 1431

Issue Authors: Holler, Manfred J.; Klose-Ullmann, Barbara
Pages: 197-218
Total downloads: 803
Total abstract views: 1532

Issue Authors: Tijs, Stef; Branzei, Rodica; Alparslan Gök, S. Zeynep
Pages: 219-226
Total downloads: 964
Total abstract views: 2687

Issue Authors: Garnaev, Andrey; Galegov, Alexsandr
Pages: 227-236
Total downloads: 703
Total abstract views: 1439

Issue Authors: Kasperski, Adam
Pages: 237-250
Total downloads: 708
Total abstract views: 1275

Issue Authors: Bergantinos, Gustavo; Vidal-Puga, Juan
Pages: 251-267
Total downloads: 905
Total abstract views: 1948

Issue Authors: Hrubý, Martin
Pages: 268-300
Total downloads: 1119
Total abstract views: 2890

Issue Authors: Chytilová, Julie
Pages: 301-303
Total downloads: 707
Total abstract views: 1289

Issue Authors: Bauer, Michal
Pages: 303-304
Total downloads: 725
Total abstract views: 1420

Issue Authors: Skořepa, Michal; Komárek, Luboš
Pages: 304-306
Total downloads: 784
Total abstract views: 1307