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Total abstract views:229085
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Volume 3, Issue 3


Table of contents

Issue Authors: Fragnelli, Vito; Ortona, Guido
Pages: 205-206
Total downloads: 811
Total abstract views: 1316

Issue Authors: Schofield, Norman; Ozdemir, Ugur
Pages: 207-242
Total downloads: 1954
Total abstract views: 1925

Issue Authors: Fragnelli, Vito
Pages: 243-253
Total downloads: 1599
Total abstract views: 1831

Issue Authors: Cioni, Lorenzo
Pages: 254-269
Total downloads: 1440
Total abstract views: 1629

Issue Authors: Shikano, Susumu
Pages: 270-291
Total downloads: 1543
Total abstract views: 1755

Issue Authors: Ottone, Stefania; Ponzano, Ferruccio; Ricciuti, Roberto
Pages: 292-304
Total downloads: 1258
Total abstract views: 1616

Issue Authors: Curini, Luigi; Martelli, Paolo
Pages: 305-322
Total downloads: 1908
Total abstract views: 1755

Issue Authors: Turnovec, FrantiĊĦek
Pages: 323-323
Total downloads: 721
Total abstract views: 1245