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Total downloads:148917
Total abstract views:246571
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Volume 2, Issue 2


Table of contents

Issue Authors: Nurmi, Hannu; Salonen, Hannu
Pages: 109-122
Total downloads: 831
Total abstract views: 1936

Issue Authors: Babecký, Jan
Pages: 123-145
Total downloads: 1122
Total abstract views: 3825

Issue Authors: Tijs, Stef; Branzei, Rodica; Ferrari, Giulio; Fragnelli, Vito
Pages: 146-153
Total downloads: 802
Total abstract views: 2375

Issue Authors: Turnovec, František
Pages: 154-173
Total downloads: 1111
Total abstract views: 2628

Issue Authors: Doležel, Pavel
Pages: 174-182
Total downloads: 869
Total abstract views: 1329

Issue Authors: Gregor, Martin
Pages: 183-183
Total downloads: 699
Total abstract views: 1473

Issue Authors: Turnovec, František
Pages: 184-184
Total downloads: 707
Total abstract views: 1371

Issue Authors: Gregor, Martin
Pages: 185-185
Total downloads: 711
Total abstract views: 1342