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Volume 6, Issue 1


Project Management for a Country with Multiple Objectives

Brauers, Willem K. M.

Year: 2012   Volume: 6   Issue: 1   Pages: 80-101

Abstract: This paper proposes project management for a national economy in search for new projects, even with competition between projects. Traditional Cost-Benefit does not respond to this purpose. Indeed Cost-Benefit is only interested in one specific project and not in a competition between projects. In addition all goals (objectives) have to be translated into money terms, leading sometimes to immoral consequences. On the contrary Multi-Objective Optimization takes care of different objectives, whereas the objectives keep their own units. However different methods exist for the application of Multi-Objective Optimization. The author tested them after their robustness resulting in seven necessary conditions for acceptance. Nevertheless these seven conditions concern only Discrete Optimization and not Continuous Optimization or Interactive Multi-Objective Methods. MOORA (Multi-Objective Optimization by Ratio Analysis coupled with Reference Point Theory) and MULTIMOORA (MOORA plus the Full Multiplicative Form), assisted by Ameliorated Nominal Group and Delphi Techniques, satisfy the seven conditions, although in a theoretical way. A simulation exercise illustrates the use of these methods, ideals to be strived for as much as possible.

JEL classification: C44, D81, E17, O22, P11

Keywords: Project management, cost-benefit, multi-objective optimization, robustness, ameliorated nominal group and Delphi techniques, full multiplicative form, MOORA, MULTIMOORA

RePEc: http://ideas.repec.org/a/fau/aucocz/au2012_080.html

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